UNL Red Experience Room

The University of Nebraska Football sought to design a space that would “wao” their prospective football recruits, as well as energize the huskers’ fans base.  This multi sensory space would have the dual purpose of housing three Heisman trophies ad acting a recruiting tool for the football program.  Restrained by using 900 square feet of the lobby within the Osborne Athletic Complex the simple design concept of “continuity” was presented and embraced. The process evolved into a single continuous form that start as a desk and concluded as a bench on its opposite side. This foreign “object” that appears to have landed from the year 3000 becomes the canvas for this multi sensory experience.  The white surfaces act as projecting canvases for lights and images, ever changing and involving. Within this futuristic shape one finds a room with soft and rounded corners echoing the feeling of it initial concept, a large square grid gives this space a sense of scale. It is within and on this grid that “The Show” is unveiled to the participant. This project uses the highest and most innovated visual and audio technologies to capture its audience and make the audience feel the husker tradition of football like never before.