She-la Boutique


The concept for the new She-la Boutique evolved from research into the quality and sophisticated ways garments are made by the hand and the patterns textures and shapes that are assembled to fabricate a composition that accentuates the inherited beauty of the human body. The garments may be layered, open or closed, textured or simply draped. Cuts and stitching further add dimension as well as interest to specific details.  

The idea and understanding of scale is a tool well used in fashion as well as architecture. The space within the new store was designed to infuse these elements of scale; from the entry cloud and its essence of compression to the open sales floor, back to the intimacy of the dressing room. The scale of these spaces coupled with the visual and physical textures invite and echo the shopping experience at She-la.

The fluidity of transitions from one space to the next was central to the success of a new shopping experience.  The public as well as the working pathways were exposed and redefined to create new flux spaces for the use of exclusive truck shows as well as every day store functions, adding a sense of usable layering to spaces otherwise left to the movement of people or items from one location to another. This idea of "layering"  and continuity can also be seen in the fabulous items that are displayed throughout the new store.   


Image Credit: © jgdavis Photography, © Contrivium Design + Urbanism