JSP Residence


The interior remodeling of this home incorporates sustainable technology, design and urbanism, creating an open, airy environment to live and enjoy.  The canvas, a relic of the 1980s architectural trend of compartmentalization, now enjoys open-designed shelves and furniture now serves to divide and define the function of each space.  The kitchen, twice as big as before, is complete with concrete counter tops; new skylights brighten.  A cube sculpture houses a desk and closet; one side has doors which slide as needed to hide a computer desk.  A closed staircase was replaced by an open and elegant design.  Using unpainted powder-coated steel for towel racks, handrails, and supports for the home’s glass dividers reduces maintenance costs, and meshing different materials such as wood, metal and glass offer tactile curiosity and uncomplicated beauty.  An elongated horizontal design for the fireplace and hearth in the living room draws the eye to the large windows opening to the backyard.  Replacing a screened-in porch, a small retaining wall divides a barbeque area and a more private space for a hot tub.  The wall incorporates a small fireplace and a comforting fountain; the ground material is blue stone.  


Image Credit: © Daniel Johnson, © Contrivium Design + Urbanism