Omaha Convention & Visitor's Bureau


In the middle of Omaha's Old Market area, the Convention and Visitor's Bureau creates a presence on the block that springing forth to grab the attention of passers-by, as serves as an arresting example of design and urbanism.  Inside, different aspects of the city—parks and recreation, outdoor activities, nature—are compartmentalized yet united into a well-structured whole.  The use of different tactile materials suggest curiosity and exploration, such as the tile floor, which appears like the oxidized surface of metal evokes the Omaha's industrial past.  A visually interesting floor-to-ceiling metal graphic panel behind the reception desk is a collaborative effort with Daake Design, and an interactive kiosk welcomes visitors with a wealth of information.  A sculpture of ribbon wraps around the gift shop like a present; divided by a ceiling soffet, lights draw the eye down to comfortable seating in the coffee shop.  The shop’s backdrop are computer-generated textures carved into wood panels.  An updated office space enjoys a younger, fresher look.  Sustainable design efforts included a second sheet of glass in existing windows to stop leakage and infiltration, and reuse of existing doors.  Outdoors, a unique black, steel planter and pleasant seating are under dramatic banners along the outside of the brick building, while on the northeast corner, two video displays offer examples of the city and surrounding natural beauty.  Paintings and sculptures from local artists are displayed throughout.


Image Credit: © Contrivium Design + Urbanism