About Us


Contrivium Design & Urbanism, Inc. exploits the tension between the intellectual and concrete, and the sensual and abstract. We believe that collaboration and creative tension moves us from ideas and dreams to a common goal, advancing function, durability and aesthetics.

Our mix of art and design is a fountainhead for ambition and passion, not which contains the programmed and the everyday. We balance pragmatic and poetic in a space to find inspiration to play, relax, exercise and live; to grow, learn and stretch the bounds of imagination, and for spirit to take flight. We see light and life from our environment, as the internal and external express an evolution of human scale and potential. We welcome constraints, both physical and spiritual as a challenge to be overcome. The effort of breaking through the preconceived and the expected opens us to see nature and creation in a new way. We have a steadfast respect and awe for the wisdom of the past, and believe in its practical application and relevance as we search to innovate, designing buildings both timely and timeless. We accept that design and art is never-ending, back-and-forth battle; every building we collaborate to create advances how we believe the world should be designed.

Most of our projects start with gestures of ideas that are in our heads, and they become a frozen thought in time via these sketches, they are a vague impression of what is to come….

Ideas are fragile and can bypass us if we are not aware, or attentive to open our mind to the possibilities- we feel ideas much like we feel the rays of the sun, but we seldom are aware of the shapes our shadows are making….