infoUSA Training Center

Hard to believe now this dilapidated old corrugated steel building in Ralston once was home to bingo games.  Under its roof today is up-to-date training and recruiting facility for InfoUSA’s cutting-edge marketing solutions.  Originally bought to solve the company’s storage problems, remodeling the structure with a reception area, management offices, two lecture halls and interview rooms took only about eight months; building from the ground up could have been a much longer wait for a much-needed facility.  A single north-facing horizontal ribbon window offers natural light for three offices.  The folded doorway points upward to the right in homage to the corporate building on a nearby hill.  A large sign in steel grating is backlit at night with a glowing blue LED light.  Inside, the circular reception wall falls off as it winds counterclockwise, and access to the outer rooms radiates from the center; track lighting is suspended by aircraft cables.  Corporate colors are reflected in the wall scheme.  Underfoot, the floor uses the existing concrete ground to a smooth surface and tinted with non-toxic dyes to a charcoal gray.  With the exception of the lecture halls, ceilings are painted black as lights are lowered to 10 feet throughout, creating an imaginary plane of light and darkness.  Recycled carpeting and a mix of fluorescent and incandescent lighting completes the echo of the corporate attitude.